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The Selection Process Of Quartz Countertops

The Selection Process Of Quartz Countertops

If you are remodeling your kitchen and debating with yourself about the material of the countertop which should be used and you want to know more about the various materials available in the market, you would have to indulge in copious research. Here are a few pointers if you are inclined towards quartz countertops.

Selection process:- There are two types of wholesale quartz countertops which you could get: natural quartz and engineered quartz surfaces. You should select the type which would be best suited for your needs and requirements. You should also look into the benefits offered by each variety. Engineered quartz happens to be less porous than natural quartz. This would be advantageous with respect to the fact that the presence of the miniscule pores would prevent the formation of stains on the countertops. However, the engineered countertops would be slightly more prone to get damaged from the heat rather than those made with natural quartz. Basically, the engineered variety of countertops is the amalgamation of 95% of natural quartz with 5% of polymer resins. The last detail which you would have to select would be design for the edge of the countertop.

The selection process also entails the selection of the pattern and stone color of these countertops. If you would like to get solid block colors, then you should keep it in mind that they are available by selected few engineered quartz manufacturers, the likes of Silestone and Zodiac. The backspalsh can also be made with quartz tiles if you want to match it with the countertop

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