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Why Should You Consider Taking Driver CPC Training

Certificate of Professional Competence, commonly known as CPC came into the picture in 2007 after the directives of Driver CPC EU that came in 2003. The regulations affect the drivers of passenger carrying vehicles and large good vehicles. Apart from becoming a professional driver, you can also opt for a professional course for driving in a responsible manner and maintaining the public order.

CPC has two parts; periodic and initial.

Initial Training

The initial driving training is specifically for the new drivers who just want to drive PSV or LGV as professionals. The initial part of the training has the primary knowledge of driving the vehicles, hazard preparation, practical driving, and other such things. Once a driver passes the test, then he will gain the license and the CPC card for the purpose of driving professionally.

Periodic Training

It is a training that is continued by the professionals for improving their driving skills. This course only requires attendance, there is no exam for completing this course. The exam has to be taken after a period of 5 years and drivers have to attend a training of 35 hours for doing the periodic training. This also ensures to have their CPC card legal and update.

Both the trainings are provided by different training centers. By doing some research on the internet, you can easily find a place that provides driver CPC training in Berkshire. This training can prove a great help in your career.