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Month: March 2021

Why You Need Professional Voice Recording Studio

If you want to record your voice,you definitely need to do it in a recording studio. Yes, you can plug your mic into your computer anytime to record a simple piece of audio. But does it have the same audio quality as one that is recorded in a professional studio? You might have already tried to record inside a closet or under a blanket on your bed. After exhausting all your options you’re probably looking for professional voice recording.

A recording studio has world class equipment that will make the process of voice recording really smooth. You can record voice overs, dubbing, and podcasts etc. using specialized equipment and also have the opportunity of working with a producer or sound engineer.

Here are the reasons why you need to record your voice in a professional record producer.

  • Studios have isolated rooms where you can record pure and undiluted pollution-free audio without any atmospheric noise. Basic sound-proofing in your room cannot match up to the specialized environment of a recording studio.
  • Whether you’re recording your voice for a voice over or as a track for music, sound engineers need to equalize or emphasize the high and low frequencies for a clean and articulate sound or to give fullness to a singer’s voice.
  • Studios contain high quality equipment like recorders, mic preamps, microphones, outboard gear and monitoring setup.
  • Studios also have experienced professional engineers who monitor the recording and edit vocal anomalies like mouth clicks, breaths, tongue smacks etc. for a flawless finish.